About us

We’re a local community group working towards positive climate solutions. Together we can make a better future.

Our guiding principles

We are:

  • locally focused
  • underpinned by science
  • impact driven i.e. focused on things that will make a difference
  • non-violent with actions or words
  • proactively inclusive
  • collaborative
  • adaptable
  • reflective and responsive to feedback
  • nonpartisan
  • personally sustainable and supportive

We value:

  • respectful and non-judgemental communication
  • open and honest communication within the group
  • consensus
  • reasonableness and practicality
  • leading by example
  • having fun

Our aims

As a group, we aim to:

  • Increase community education within the Clarence municipality with reference to the science of climate change.
  • Increase awareness of how people can take action personally and politically to fight climate change.
  • Influence the electoral vote, particularly at a local council level.
  • Influence how councillors vote on relevant issues by demonstrating a swell of interest in Clarence City Council’s action on climate change.
  • Increase people’s engagement with where they live.
  • Broaden community awareness of resources, both local and online.